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“Very professional and knowledgeable staff. The establishment is clean and well run with time efficiency to perfection. Abraham, at the front desk, is an extremely humble and knowledgeable representative that handles every customer with care. Thank you, Carmotive Total Auto Care for your services!!!”

Vanessa Tovar

“Carmotive is one of the best auto repair shops in Houston. They’ll get you right every time with a reasonable amount. I highly recommend it to anyone. I love their brake repair services. They are a professional auto repair shop in Texas. “

Kiara Zepeda
“Best stop! Reasonable prices and friendly staff. Carmotive will take care of all your needs. Worth the wait. Clean environment and fast car repair services. Regardless of how busy they are, they will always listen to your problems attentively. I came in for the replacement of my brake pads and had a very pleasant experience with this shop.”
Nayab Sayed Ali